Context Canvas®

Strategy Toolkit

Temps suggéré

30 minutes

Niveau de Difficulté

Matériels Nécessaires

  • 1 poster Context Canvas imprimé en grand format
  • Marqueurs
  • Post-it


  • Equipe Design, stratégie, projet
  • 3-5 personnes

Context Canvas®

The Context Canvas® is the framework we use to help you understand the context. Use this template to map out the trends with your team, and share different perspectives. It will help you to look for drivers outside your own company and have a conversation about the forces that (could) shape your business now and in the future. The Context Canvas® was created by David Sibbet, of the Grove International.


When most teams begin to unpack the context of their product or organization, they take a myopic point of view that is rooted in the here and now. The Context Canvas® is meant to help you and your team expand your thinking beyond the boundaries of your product and organization, to have a deeper conversation about what’s going on in the world and what’s changing that will affect your business in the future.

Important to know is that this canvas starts to add real value after you have revisited it a couple of times. The first time, using the canvas will serve to get the top-of-mind trends for your team mapped out. Revisiting, it becomes easier for team-members to add evidence for trends, or to actively hunt for trends that you and your team did not identify the first time. Those are the dark horses that can come out of nowhere, simply because they are not on your organization’s map: those are the developments to start to look for.

Source : Design a Better Business

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