Generate Your Market Opportunity Set

Strategy Toolbox

Temps suggéré
90 minutes – à 3 semaines pour l’étude

Niveau de Difficulté

Matériels Nécessaires

  • Market Opportunity Set imprimés
  • Marqueurs
  • Post-it


  • Equipe de Direction, CoDir, Design, stratégie, projet
  • 3-5 personnes
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What is it?

The set of potential market opportunities that you can address with your core resources and capabilities. These can be varied options, related to different types of applications for different types of customers.

Why is it important?

Market opportunities can vastly differ in their attractiveness. A varied set of market opportunities is an asset in and of itself, as it increases your chances of focusing on the most promising option. It also provides the basis for a Plan B, if required, and for un-locking new growth opportunities over time. ‘Look before you leap’ is therefore the first step for making a smart market choice.

How is it done?

To uncover valuable market opportunities, start with assessing the generic functionalities of your core technology, to understand what other applications you can do with them for different types of

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